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Learn about the different specialized publications available on the duties and scope of competence of the members of the National Integrated Consumer Protection System.

These publications offer detailed information on the activities carried out with the goal of protecting your rights as a consumer and user of goods and services anywhere in the country.

Here, you’ll find information on the latest developments in matters such as regulated utilities (water and sewerage, electricity and natural gas, public transportation infrastructure, and telecommunications) as well as banking and finance, education, and other goods and services. 


Other Goods and Services


  • Here, you’ll find the publications (books, magazines, newsletters, etc.) available from those institutions dedicated to protecting your rights as a consumer of different goods and services. 

Este artículo esclarece el rol que desempeña el denunciante frente a un procedimiento administrativo sancionador en materia de protección del consumidor, el alcance y sentido institucional de un desistimiento de denuncia. (Praeceptum N° 2,  Año 2, Número 1, Abril 2015, p. 103-143)