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Consumer Guides


Information on goods or services must always be adequate and timely. We have prepared this Consumer Guides section to provide you with in-depth information on providers’ obligations, as well as the mechanisms in place to help protect your rights and how to use them whenever you have a problem when making a purchase.

Here you’ll find guides and fact sheets with information on common scenarios in which you may find yourself when purchasing a good or service, whether you are shopping at a business establishment or using public utilities (water and sewerage, electricity and natural gas, public transportation infrastructure, and telecommunications).

We’ll help you learn the procedures you need to follow, step by step, to file a complaint or claim with a provider anywhere in the country. 


Check Out Our Consumer Guides and Download Them

It’s easy to view our consumer guides and fact sheets. To start, all you have to do is identify exactly what your question or problem is. Then, look at the consumer categories and find the one that most closely resembles your topic of interest. Click on the category you have chosen.

This informational material will provide you with a range of examples on how to take care of your problems as a consumer. Look over them carefully to find the best solutions to your questions and concerns. If you still have any doubts after reading, feel free to write to us at

Bear in mind that these guides and fact sheets are for goods and services, as well as utilities (water and sewerage, electricity and fuels, public transportation infrastructure, and telecommunications).

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A well-informed consumer is a satisfied customer.