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Consumer Rights for All

A disability is an opportunity to strengthen your knowledge on how to protect your rights as a consumer or user of goods or services anywhere in Peru.

Consumer Rights for All” is designed especially for you and your learning needs with regard to these rights. Make sure to pay close attention to the helpful tips we have prepared for you.

Here, you’ll find useful information, steps to follow when filing a claim against a vendor, personalized services to answer any questions you may have, and much more.

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The Consumer’s ABCs

Consumer Rights for All

  1. We are committed to improving access to mechanisms for the protection of your rights as a consumer and user of goods and services anywhere in Peru.
  2. Inform yourself! Here, you’ll find a range of tools and services to help you make better decisions when buying goods or using public utilities (water and sewerage, public transportation infrastructure, electricity and natural gas, and telecommunications).


    Contact the different government agencies that are at your service. They can help you with any questions or claims you may have. 

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