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Arbitration Courts

The consumer arbitration is handled by arbitration courts, who are responsible for attending to your arbitration petitions. Make sure to carefully read through this information on arbitration courts and how they are formed.

These arbitration courts are made up of consumer arbitrators, who are proposed by the representatives of the business sectors, consumers’ associations, and the public agency responsible for the creation of the Consumer Arbitration Board.  

The court’s rulings are binding. Failure to comply with the arbitration award is a violation of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code. The arbitration courts also have the power to order compensations. 


Learn More about Arbitration Courts

How is the Consumer Arbitration System organized?

The Consumer Arbitration System is organized into Consumer Arbitration Boards and arbitration courts

What are arbitration courts?

Arbitration courts are one-person bodies or committees responsible for attending to your consumer disputes with a provider. Bear in mind that their decisions or rulings are issued through arbitration awards. 

How are multi-person arbitration courts created?

Multi-person arbitration courts consist of three arbitrators. The court is presided over by the professional arbitrator proposed by the public agency that supervises the Consumer Arbitration Board in your area.

The other two arbitrators are chosen from among the candidates presented by consumers’ associations and business organizations.   

If your consumer dispute is resolved through this channel, the provider cannot be sanctioned because the arbitration is not a sanctioning administrative procedure. This means that it does not impose fines.