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Your comments and concerns on consumer or utility bills (water and sewerage, electricity and natural gas, public transportation infrastructure, and telecommunications) are important. Legislators need to hear from different points of view to make these bills into the best laws possible.

Remember that a consumer bill is a proposed law that seeks to resolve a particular problem experienced by consumers or users when buying goods or acquiring services around the country, as well as improving relations between consumers and providers.

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Submit Your Comments on Bills Currently Before Congress

Here is a list of consumer-related bills disseminated by members of the National Integrated Consumer Protection System. Comments and/or suggestions are currently being received with regard to these bills’ contents, in an effort to improve the protection and defense of consumers’ and users’ rights throughout the country.

This list of bills will be updated as the members of the Integrated System publicly disseminate their proposals throughout the year.

If you have any questions regarding a particular bill, we suggest contacting the institution that is promoting that bill. This will ensure that your comments and/or suggestions are received by the right people.