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Complaints Book


The Complaints Book is a useful tool for protecting your rights. By law, it must be available at all business establishments or through all online shopping platforms with offices in Peru.

This book allows you to file your complaints or claims involving problems that arise when purchasing a good or acquiring a service. The provider is obligated to make it available to you upon request, whether in a physical copy or online.

You can also request access to this book from utility service providers (water and sewerage, electricity and natural gas, public transportation infrastructure, and telecommunications) and banking and financial institutions, in accordance with their own rules. 

What is the Complaints Book? 

It is a useful tool for submitting your complaints and claims against a provider for any problems that arise following the purchase of a good or service. All providers are required to make this book available to you at each one of their business establishments or through their online shopping platforms, provided they have offices in Peru.

For more information on the regulations applicable to the Complaints Book, click here.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is a disagreement with regard to poor service received from the provider that is not directly connected to the good or service acquired.

  • For example, a restaurant’s bathrooms may not be clean; a store clerk may treat a customer poorly, etc. 

What is a claim?

A claim occurs when you have an objection to the good purchased or service provided. The provider is obligated to give you a response.

  • For example, a disagreement over the quality of a good; unauthorized charges; deceptive advertising, etc. 

How do I access the Complaints Book?

Ask the provider to see it. The provider is obligated to make the Complaints Book available to you, whether in person (in the form of a physical book) or online (via a computer).

If the book is physical, it must have three detachable carbonless copy sheets, duly numbered. You must include all contact information for the provider and yourself, as well as a brief explanation of the complaint or claim, among other requirements. 


If the Complaints Book is online, the provider is required to place a virtual platform at your disposal, with trained personnel, to help you register your complaint or claim. 

If the good or service is sold through a website, the provider must provide you with a digital version of the Complaints Book to submit your complaint or claim. Additionally, you can request a Registration Code and ask for the complaint to be sent by email so you can follow up on it. 


In all cases, the provider must post a visible notice on how to locate and use the Complaints Book on its premises or on the website where it performs its sales. 

What do I need to know after using the book?

The provider has a term of fifteen (15) business days to attend to your claim. This service must not be conditional upon any payment. Also bear in mind that once your complaint or claim has been registered, you are responsible for requesting a copy or Registration Code so that you can follow up on it.

If you have any questions about how to use the Complaints Book, click here

When does Indecopi get involved?

At your request, or at any time, without prior notice to the provider. If asked to do so, the provider must forward copies of the Complaint Sheets to Indecopi for their inspection.

Likewise, using the “Check Your Claims” system utilized by providers with revenues in excess of 3,000 Tax Units (UITs) Indecopi performs online monitoring of claim registration.

In the event that the provider fails to attend to your claim, you can contact Indecopi, attaching a copy of the Complaint Sheet, at

A claim is not a complaint, and it does not result in a sanctions proceeding against a provider. If you wish to file a report regarding problems you have experienced when purchasing goods or services, visit the offices of Indecopi or the institution that regulates or supervises the provider.