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Consumer Code

The Consumer Protection and Defense Code (Law 29571) establishes a new vision that seeks to ensure greater protection of your rights, by acting preventively and proactively, in coordination with a range of government institutions, civil society, and the business community, with the guidance of the National Authority.

This Code is an integrative standard. As a starting point for learning about your rights and how to exercise them, it is a must-read. It will also help you keep informed of the different laws designed for your protection and your relationship with goods and service providers anywhere in Peru. 


¿What is the Consumer Code?

It is a set of standards aimed at protecting and defending your rights, which will help you to better access appropriate and adequate goods and services in the market, through effective mechanisms for the resolution of disputes involving the purchase of a good or the hiring of a service. 

Am I guaranteed access to adequate, high-quality goods and services?

This right is guaranteed by the Constitution of Peru, which establishes the protection of your rights as a consumer among the State’s governing principles. 

Why is a Code necessary?

This Code ensures that both you and providers of goods and/or services possess the same information on what you purchase or acquire. In this way, the Code helps to correct, prevent, or eliminate behaviors or practices that violate your legitimate interests as a consumer. 

How is the Code organized?

The Code is organized by topic. These topics include your rights and your relationship with the provider, contracts, abusive business practices, consumer protection with regard to specific goods or services (regulated utilities, health, education, real estate, and finance), liability and sanctions, collective consumer defense (role and duties of consumers’ associations), and the National Integrated Consumer Protection System. 



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