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Consumer Service Offices

Now that you know your rights, as well as where and how to file a claim, here is a directory with the contact information of the institutions in charge of protecting your rights as a consumer or user.

These institutions have different offices located throughout the country to provide you with guidance and attend to your complaints or claims. Check their locations on this website and contact their representatives in your town or region. 


Public Institutions Directory

Below is a list of user/consumer service and orientation offices of the institutions that form part of the National Integrated Consumer Protection System.

Address your questions or claims to any of their offices, anywhere in the country. But first, be sure to clearly establish what the problem is, so that you can then identify the institution responsible for attending to it, thus guaranteeing prompt and adequate service.

This list also includes the social media accounts of each entity so you can learn more about their services, as well as getting the latest news on how to protect your rights. 


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