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Get to Know Your Consumers’ Associations

Consumers’ associations are organizations dedicated to protecting and defending your rights throughout the country. This not-for-profit undertaking is carried out in coordination with the other members of the Integrated Consumer Protection System.

These associations are located throughout Peru, and they carry out a range of preventive activities, informational campaigns, and training sessions aimed at consumers, users, and the general public.

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What are consumers’ associations?

These organizations are created to protect and defend your rights, the rights of their members, or the collective rights of a specific or open group of consumers or users affected by problems encountered when purchasing goods, hiring services, or gaining access to a public utility.

These associations form part of the National Integrated Consumer Protection System, and participate as active members of the National Consumer Protection Council, through three representatives elected from among all of the associations in Peru.


¿Why are they import?


These associations help strengthen a responsible consumer culture throughout the country. They also work to inform you of your rights and how to make use of them before providers or the institutions of the National Integrated Consumer Protection System.

They also represent you in claim proceedings or reports filed with Indecopi, or before national regulatory agencies or supervisory bodies, depending on the specific case. They also initiate court proceedings in defense of the collective interests of groups of consumers or users.

Additionally, these associations carry out a wide range of activities for your benefit and that of their members, such as information campaigns, research, training sessions, talks, recalls, etc., in Lima and the provinces.

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Directorio de Asociaciones de Consumidores

Accede a la relación de asociaciones de consumidores inscritas en el Registro Oficial del Indecopi. Se encuentran ubicadas en todo el país. Identificarlas es rápido y sencillo. Solo tienes que buscar en el primer botón del directorio (abajo, lado izquierdo) las regiones donde se encuentran estas asociaciones, para luego contactarlas.

Si deseas más detalles sobre sus actividades, comunícate con éstas aquí.