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Inform Yourself and Compare

The “Inform Yourself and Compare” section is specially designed to help you inform yourself on a wide variety of goods and services available in the Peruvian market.

Here you’ll find a list of price observatories dedicated to consumer goods and services, which offer a wealth of information to help you check prices.

We also feature utility rates (water and sewerage, electricity and fuels, public transportation infrastructure, and telecommunications) to help you better understand the amounts charged in your utility bills.

This information will help you make better purchases on your next visit to a store, or when you pay your utility bills. The most important thing is to compare the good or service you are looking to purchase with another one with identical or similar characteristics, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget.

How do I use these goods and services price observatories?

It is easy. Here is a list of the most important price observatories and online platforms where you can find useful information on price comparisons performed by different public institutions. 

Icono Goods and Services

Icono Telecommunications

Icono Electricity and Fuels

Icono Transportation Infrastructure

Icono Water and Sewerage

Icono Health

Icono Banking, Insurance, and Private Pension Fund Management Companies

Icono Education

A satisfied customer is a well-informed consumer, who has an in-depth knowledge of the good or service she is looking to purchase.