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National Council

The National Consumer Protection Council is an inter-institutional working body created for the integration of the local and national statutory framework on consumer protection, as well as to bolster activities carried out for the benefit of consumers.

This Council is made up of 16 representatives from the public and private sectors: ministries, utilities regulators, business associations, and consumers’ associations, in coordination with the Office of the Prime Minister (PCM, for its acronym in Spanish).

The Council is chaired by Indecopi, in its role as National Consumer Protection Authority. It also provides organizational support to the National Integrated Consumer Protection System

What are the duties of the National Council?

The National Council, in coordination with Indecopi, is responsible for the following duties: 


It proposes and harmonizes the national consumer protection and defense policy and the National Consumer Protection Plan. 


It makes recommendations on the prioritization of actions in specific consumer categories and consumer protection standards.


It issues opinions on consumer protection programs and projects submitted for its consideration.


It promotes the creation of the consumer information and orientation system nationwide, in coordination with the public and private sectors.


It promotes the creation of the information system on legislation, case law, and other relevant actions and decisions with regard to consumer relations.


It promotes the recall and early action system for hazardous goods and services identified in the market.


It evaluates the effectiveness of the mechanisms for the prevention and solution of conflicts in consumer relations, with the progressive participation of those local and regional governments that have been accredited by the National Consumer Protection Authority for such purpose. 


It directs communication between the public and private sectors in order to promote a culture in which your rights are protected, achieving a joint vision of the actions necessary to achieve this goal.


It promotes and supports citizen participation, through consumers’ associations, who can seek financing for their activities and operations from other state entities and cooperation agencies.

Conoce las sesiones del Consejo Nacional de Protección del Consumidor

A fin de mantenerte informado sobre las actividades promovidas por el Consejo Nacional de Protección del Consumidor, ponemos a tu disposición la grabación de las sesiones realizadas por sus miembros, conforme lo aprobado por este colegiado en su Centésima Decima Sexta sesión ordinaria, en beneficio de las y los consumidores a nivel nacional.
Sesiones del Consejo Nacional de Protección del Consumidor

Infórmate sobre jurisprudencia relevante en protección al consumidor

En el marco de las acciones promovidas por el Consejo Nacional de Protección del Consumidor, en esta sección podrás encontrar jurisprudencia en materia de protección del consumidor a nivel nacional, conforme a lo aprobado por este colegiado en su Centésima Decima Sexta sesión ordinaria. 


Since 2012, monthly sessions have been held without interruption. Additionally, decentralized sessions are held to hear from you directly and learn about your concerns and recommendations in order to better protect and defend your rights everywhere in Peru.