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Official Registry


A consumer association, in its role as a representative of consumers and its members, may seek to register in the Indecopi Official Registry of Consumers’ Associations, after meeting the legal requirements established for this purpose.

This registration allows such associations to enter into inter-institutional cooperation agreements with Indecopi. The benefits of such agreements include access to a percentage of the fines imposed on providers, to help fund the associations’ pro-consumer and pro-member activities. These agreements also enable associations to file consumer complaints with the judicial branch.

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Learn more about the registration process

What is the Official Registry of Consumers’ Associations?

The Registry is a free mechanism under which consumers’ associations are officially recognized by Indecopi, in its role as National Consumer Protection Authority.

This Registry authorizes consumers’ associations to file reports with Indecopi, as well as the courts, on behalf of consumers or the association’s members. Each association is automatically eligible for this benefit once their registration has been approved.

How to register in the Registry of Consumers’ Associations

Consumers’ associations interested in being included in this Registry only have to submit the following form to the Director’s Office of the National Consumer Protection Authority:

Following the registration of the consumers’ association, they shall submit the following forms to Indecopi, as applicable.

For more information on this registration process, please refer to Directive 009-2013/DIR-COD-INDECOPI, which establishes the rules and regulations on the registration, recognition, and participation of consumers’ associations in procedures for the defense of consumers’ rights. 


Can a consumers’ association enter into an inter-institutional cooperation agreement with Indecopi?

Yes. The consumers’ associations registered in the Indecopi Official Registry can enter into an inter-institutional cooperation agreement with the institution for the purpose of bolstering their actions for the protection of your rights as a consumer or user.

To apply for a cooperation agreement, just download the "Application for the Execution of an Inter - institutional Cooperation Agreement (Annex 4)" in accordance with Directive 009-2013/DIR-COD-INDECOPI.

What are the benefits of entering into this inter-institutional cooperation agreement?

This agreement strengthens associations and their work by providing training, support for their research, and dissemination of their activities. The primary benefit, however, is that this agreement grants each association the right to receive a percentage of the fines imposed on providers for violations of consumer regulations, in the proceedings to which they are party before Indecopi.

Consumers’ associations that receive funds from Indecopi under this system shall submit the following forms to the Director’s Office of the National Consumer Protection Authority:

¿Cuáles son los requisitos de las asociaciones de consumidores para la celebración de convenios con el Indecopi?

Las asociaciones de consumidores interesadas en celebrar convenios de cooperación interinstitucional con el Indecopi, deberán cumplir con los siguientes requisitos:

  1. Haber realizado actividades de investigación, defensa, difusión, educación o promoción de los derechos de los consumidores durante el año anterior a la solicitud de firma del Convenio de Cooperación Interinstitucional.
  2. Encontrarse inscrita en el Registro Oficial de Asociaciones de Consumidores del Indecopi, no debiendo encontrarse dicho registro suspendido o cancelado.
  3. Haber presentado los Informes Anuales, de acuerdo a la fecha de reconocimiento de la organización y conforme al plazo establecido en la Directiva denominada "Normas sobre Registro, Reconocimiento y Participación de las Asociaciones de Consumidores en los Procedimientos sobre Defebsa de los Derechos de los Consumidores", en los casos que corresponda.
  4. No haber sido sancionada por el incumplimiento de las obligaciones establecidas en el Código de Protección y Defensa del Consumidor en los últimos dos años.

For more details on the registration, recognition, and participation of consumers’ associations, click here

The percentage received under this system cannot exceed 50% of the value of the fine imposed. These amounts are public funds, and they are audited in accordance with law.