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Participating Providers

All providers anywhere in the country are invited to take part in the Consumer Arbitration System. Their active participation helps strengthen the mechanisms in place to protect consumers’ rights.

Providers’ participation is voluntary and free, and shows their concern and interest in settling consumer conflicts through easier, quicker procedures.

If you have any questions on this participation process, or your need any model agreements or arbitration clauses, call us at (+511) 224-7800, Extensions 3953, 3954, or 3955. You can also send us an email at

How does a provider participate in a consumer arbitration?

The procedure is easy, quick, and free. There are just two steps to follow. 



All providers or business organizations interested in participated in the Consumer Arbitration System may do so by sending a written request to the Director’s Office of the National Consumer Protection Authority, through the Indecopi Document Reception Desk, located at Calle De la Prosa 104, San Borja. 


The request must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Declaration of familiarity with the regulations of the Consumer Arbitration System.
  • Uncertified copy of the Registration Card proving registration with the Public Records Office, or an affidavit stating the registration card and entry number, in the case of legal entities.
  • Uncertified copy of the certificate of good standing of the legal representatives’ powers of attorney, or an affidavit stating the registration card and entry number in which said power of attorney is registered, no older than thirty (30) days.
  • Authorization for the Consumer Arbitration Boards and the National Consumer Protection Authority to use the information submitted in its request for participation.

Once the request has been approved by a resolution, the provider may use the official logo of the Consumer Arbitration System in its advertising, store windows, letterheads, and other means of dissemination that it uses to communicate with its customers. This participation is for an open-ended term, or for one (1) year, at the request of the provider. 

Paso 3:

La Dirección de la Autoridad Nacional de Protección del Consumidor te enviará una resolución en la que acepta tu solicitud de adhesión y te otorga la licencia de uso sobre el imagotipo del Arbitraje de Consumo, para que lo emplees en tu establecimiento y publicidad comercial, de esa manera, los consumidores podrán identificarte como un proveedor preocupado por dar solución a los inconvenientes que puedan presentarse.



Si tienes alguna duda sobre el procedimiento de adhesión, comunícate al teléfono (+511) 224-7800 anexos 3953, 3954 y 3955.

Which providers participate in the Consumer Arbitration System?

You can check this information using the Registry of Providers Participating in the Consumer Arbitration System


Download the Registry here.                   

Providers Participating in the Consumer Arbitration System ¡New! 

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