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Public Utilities

There are basic services that are regulated by the government to ensure that you, as a consumer, have access and coverage. These services are called “public” because they have been prioritized by the government due to their basic nature (water and sewerage, electricity and natural gas, public transportation infrastructure, and telecommunications).

These services are regulated by public entities called regulatory agencies. These agencies are located in every region of the country, based on the scope of their jurisdiction and coverage with regard to the services they supervise, to the benefit of Peruvian users. 

Who are the regulatory agencies for public utilities?

We are pleased to present Peru’s regulatory agencies. These institutions are responsible for safeguarding your rights every time you use a regulated public utility (water and sewerage, electricity and natural gas, public transportation infrastructure, and telecommunications) in your town or region. 


The National Superintendency of Sanitation Services (Sunass) establishes rules, regulates, supervises, and monitors the 50 Sanitation Service Providers (EPS, for its acronym in Spanish) that exist in Peru. The Sunass also settles disputes between users and EPS, in the second administrative instance, acting autonomously, impartially, and efficiently. 


The Supervisory Board for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) regulates and supervises the public telecommunications utilities market, with the goal of promoting competition, the quality of services, and respect for your rights as a user of these services. 


The Supervisory Board for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) regulates and supervises companies in the electricity, hydrocarbons, and mining sector, to the benefit of the country’s energy development and the protection of your rights as a user of electricity and natural gas services. 


The Supervisory Board for Investment in Public Transportation Infrastructure (Ositran) regulates and supervises those entities that provide public transportation infrastructure services, to the benefit of users, the government, and concessionaires. 

What are your rights as a utilities user?

As a utilities user, you have fundamental rights with regard to the consumption and coverage of such utilities nationwide. Take a moment to learn about each one of these rights by clicking on the links provided. Each utility comes with its own rights. For that reason, it is important that you are familiar with your rights and how to make use of them in the event you need to file a complaint or claim.