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The Consumer Arbitration System is here to help you quickly resolve your consumer disputes with providers. It’s easy, fast, and free.

But first, you need to learn the three steps for submitting your arbitration petition to the designated arbitration board in your town or region.

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What Is a Consumer Arbitration?

A consumer arbitration is an alternative mechanism for settling your consumer disputes with a provider, in an easy, quick, and fast way. The arbitrators’ decisions are binding and conclusive.

With this arbitration, you will be able to resolve any problems that may arise when purchasing a good or hiring a service anywhere in the country.

This mechanism is part of the Consumer Arbitration System created by the Consumer Protection and Defense Code (Law 29571).

How do I gain access to the arbitration proceeding?

Follow these three steps to submit your petition and start an arbitration proceeding. 


Submit your arbitration petition in writing, addressed to the designated Consumer Arbitration Board in your area


If the provider is willing to participate in the arbitration, the Consumer Arbitration Board will notify you within five (5) business days regarding the arbitration court that will hear the case. Remember that in order to initiate an arbitration, both parties must be willing to participate. 


Bear in mind that the arbitration court has a term of ninety (90) business days to issue its arbitration award (similar to a legal judgment). This term is counted as from the date on which your arbitration petition is admitted. 

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In exceptional cases, the arbitration court may request a one-time hearing between the consumer and the provider.