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The Consumer’s ABCs

Learning about your rights is a big step toward achieving a responsible consumer culture. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your friends with a variety of information on how to protect your rights when making a purchase.

To help you, we have prepared The Consumer’s ABCs, an entertaining educational section that you can use with family and friends to learn about the consumer’s and user’s rights to which all Peruvians are entitled.

You can also share the helpful tips contained in our “Learn by Buying” program with the younger members of your family. This educational space is especially designed to help children learn about their rights and duties as consumers.

We also have an easy-to-read and –listen section for consumers with visual or hearing impairment. All you have to do is click on the “Consumer Information for All” section. 

Useful Tips on Access to Goods and Services

Justino Is Here to Help

Hi, my name is Justino!

Join me on this tour to learn more about your rights and how to make use of them whenever you run into problems when buying a good or hiring a service.

As a consumer, you need to make sure you’re well informed so that you can enforce your rights when you file a complaint or claim against a provider. This will help you protect your loved ones and friends from purchases that may be harmful to your health or even put your life at risk.

Learn all about consumer protection with the useful tips and different products we’ve prepared to help you better understand how the protection of your rights works, anywhere in the country.


Learn by Buying

We would now like to propose a challenge for you: let’s all learn together about the rights and duties of young consumers and users of goods and services.

Learn by Buying is a chance to share information with the youngest members of your household, learning about basic concepts for the protection of their rights. Since they make purchases, too, it is important for them to learn to tell the difference between a good product and one that may pose a hazard to their health.

Spend some quality time with your children or nieces and nephews looking at each of the educational products we have made available to you. Don’t forget to share this information with everyone you know!


Consumer Rights for All

  1. We have a wide range of tips for you to learn as a consumer or user of goods and services anywhere in Peru. Remember, you are entitled to receive priority attention in response to your questions, complaints, or claims against a provider.
  2. As a consumer, it is important that you know your rights to make sure you can make use of them easily and quickly when filing a complaint or claim against a vendor, whether through the Complaints Book or the procedures established by the public institutions responsible for protecting your rights.


    We have prepared video and audio content to make it easy for you to access information on your rights as a consumer. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at