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Your Rights

As a consumer, you have rights to which you are entitled starting the moment you buy a good or hire a service in any business establishment or through any online shopping platform.

Your protection and defense are part of the framework of these rights. Knowing your rights will help you to make full use of them when establishing a consumer relationship with a provider.

Knowing and exercising your rights will allow you to contribute to a responsible consumer culture, as well as promoting the protection of vulnerable parties anywhere in the country. 

We present the ten fundamental rights you need to know for easy and quick access to the mechanisms and tools designed to protect and defend your rights anywhere in Peru.

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Your fundamental rights as a consumer

Right to receive an appropriate and adequate good or service

There must be a correlation between what we expect to receive and what we are actually offered by the provider. We need to check the advertising and information received, the conditions or circumstances of the purchase, the characteristics and nature of the good or service, and the price, among other factors. 

Right to effective protection

Goods and services must be safe and offer us effective protection, which, under normal or foreseeable conditions, does not pose a risk or hazard to our life, health, and physical wellbeing. 

Right to timely, sufficient, and truthful information

This information must be relevant in making a good purchase decision, in keeping with your interests, as well as for the adequate use or consumption of the goods or services. 

Right to protection against abusive business practices

The law prohibits coercive, aggressive or deceitful, and abusive business practices for the collection of payment. The information provided to us by the provider must not induce us to error. 


Right to fair and equal treatment in all purchases of a good or hiring of a service

The law prohibits discrimination for reasons of background, race, gender, language, religion, opinion, economic status, or any other reason. If you feel you have been the victim of discrimination, report it.  

Right to the repair or replacement of a good

Or to a new performance of the service, or even the refund of the amount paid, depending on the circumstances or the cases established in the Code. 

Right to compensation for damages

You have the right to be compensated for damages caused following the purchase of a good or hiring of a service, in accordance with the provisions established in the Consumer Protection and Defense Code and the Civil Code. 

Right to freedom of choice

The provider must clearly inform consumers of the characteristics and/or conditions for access to a good or service before the purchase thereof. Based on this information, you are free to choose the most convenient and suitable good or service, without any type of outside pressure or conditions. Goods and services must be appropriate, adequate, and of a high quality. 


Right to be heard, individually or collectively

As a whole, public and private entities have a duty to attend to your claims or reports, using the means established by the standards for your defense as a consumer. 

Right to the advance payment or prepayment of balances in all credit transactions

These payments may be in full or in part, with the subsequent reduction of compensatory interest accrued as of the day of payment and settlement of fees and expenses established by the contractual clauses agreed to between the parties, without the application of penalties of any kind or payment collections of a similar nature or effect. 

What are your rights as a consumer?

These rights are inalienable. They cannot be restricted or eliminated by any type of agreement that may be entered into by the consumer and provider. Furthermore, these are not the only rights guaranteed by the Code or recognized in special laws.